Action Comics #855-857- Escape from Bizarro World


Reading Format:

DC Universe App

Story […very briefly.]

Remember that time that Bizarro kidnapped Jonathan Kent and took him off to this square planet where he got this funky power from it’s blue son that let him spawn Bizarro versions of people he knew back on earth… from his eyes?  Nope?  Me either but this little jem was written by Geoff Johns & Richard Donner.

Art [Just IMHO.]

Eric Powell did the art for these issues and to make it triple Bizarro the cover art and inks are also done by Eric Powell.  It’s quite fun, really.

Other Notes [???]

This story was… almost cute?  It’s a short fun read for when your stuck waiting somewhere.

Out of Context Panel [For Fun.]

Hmmm… this image kind of sums up my feelings whenever one of my older relatives starts ranting about politics in a public space.




DC 100-Page Comic Giant! #3s


Picked up all the #3 Giants at Walmart.  Some brief thoughts about the new stories in each one.

DC 100-Page Comic Giant! Batman #3; Batman Universe Part 1; Brian Michael Bendis, writer.  It starts out with what seems to be a classic Riddler story but it has a little twist at the end that is more  intriguing than it ought to be.  There was a panel in this of Batman kicking someone in the head that’s aching to be made into a meme.

DC 100-Page Comic Giant! Justice League of America #3; Come Back to Me Part 1; Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti, writer.  Ehh… Not sure how I feel about this one, there is something off about the dialogue.  Wonder Woman’s voice doesn’t seem to be consistent throughout the story could it be that there are two writers?  The story is just her going to help with a forest fire, not much else to say about it.

DC 100-Page Comic Giant! Superman #3; Up In the Sky: Alice Part 1; Tom King, writer.  Wow! This was really good, it’ll be interesting to see how it goes.  Story starts with Batman calling Superman in to take a case with a little girl who gets abducted by aliens.

DC 100-Page Comic Giant! Teen Titans #3; Dead Reckoning; Dan Jurgens, writer.  Picks right up where the story in issue #2 left off.  Teen Titans vs. The Fearsome Five while the Disrupter and H.I.V.E. are up to something else…  I’ve really warmed up to this story and it would be nice if it continues as an ongoing.  I think the whole art team is doing a good job on this one too.

To Read or Not to Read DC Universe


At 10pm I sat down at my computer and thought to myself.  I’ll write a blog post!  Yeah! What will I write about?  Boo!  So, I wandered off to DC Universe to sample comics… I say sample because that’s all I seem to do lately.  Ever heard the expression, I think I’ve reached the end of the internet?  Sometimes I feel like I’ve reached the end of the longbox.  I just can’t seem to find anything that will hold my interest.  I don’t think it’s the comics though, I think it’s just me.   So for the last 4 hours I’ve read sporadic comic and stared blankly at my computer screen.  Oh, and I ate a slice of leftover meat lovers pizza, (that might have been the highlight of my Friday Night).

Part of my mood probably is from having read Batman #55, and even though I knew where this story was going from the solicits; the end of the issue was upsetting.  Why oh why did it have to be Nightwing? ;-/

Anyway I read too issues from the Marvel Unlimited App.  One was Tales of Suspense Hawkeye and the Winter Soldier #102.  It’s the third part of a story about them looking for Black Widow.  So far I’ve like the story and the art in it.  The other thing was X-Men Gold #23 where Kitty Pryde and the rest of the X-Men get thrown in jail.  I’ve been keeping up with that title and am liking it.

On DC Universe I’ve checked out a few books and I was going to read a Beast Boy mini series that was on there but I kept getting kicked out of the app at the same page in the comic so don’t know what was going on with that?  Other books were working fine.   Despite my reservations about DC Universe I’ve been on there a lot since I got it goofing around, just hope they can make some improvements to it.

Well, it’s going on 3 am now and I should really try to lay down and sleep some,  I’m going to be paying for this late night tomorrow when I have to get up and do things.  Have a good weekend comic friends.


DC Universe is live.


Ok so I just got the app downloaded and installed and have been looking through it.  Ugh.  I am seriously disappointed.   There really just isn’t a lot in there.   I really, really hope they are planning to make regular expansions or switch the stuff out if that’s all they are going to offer at one time.  This probably isn’t like the most organized post I’ve ever made, but here are some points.

  1.  The selection of comics is way smaller than I thought it would be.
  2.  At the top of the comic list page it says,” The full DC Comics digital library will be available for purchase in October.” — PURCHASE?  WTF?  That really annoyed me.  I’m pretty sure now that there will not be any sizable amount of readable comics available.
  3.  A lot of the comics available to read are just a few of the first issues.  I’m pretty sure all they want to do is sell you the rest of the storylines.  NOT COOL — and a lot of that stuff is probably free to read on Comixology already.
  4. I think I counted 23 movies.  Mostly animated.  Live action are the 4 older Superman Movies.
  5. 9 TV Series.  Mostly really old ones.
  6. 12 animated series.

That new content can’t come quick enough if they plan of keeping this afloat and they really need to add more diverse catalog of available comics with consecutive runs available to read.  Frankly if I hadn’t paid for a year’s sub I would just sign up for a month after the new shows air and just binge watch them.  I don’t think it’s enough content for the price.  What do you guys think?

Update: Ok, after going out of the app and going back into it to read something else.  I’m seeing a lot more comics than I was originally seeing.  That’s good, I guess maybe that means that they are sill adding stuff to the app or maybe it’s got a few bugs to work out.  I’m seeing some older titles that I’ve never read, I feel a bit better about it now.  Because at first I was only seeing like maybe 100 comics total and I was upset.

DC 100 Page Giants


While I was out buying meat for my 4th of July cookout [It was delicious!  Hope you had a lovely 4th as well!]; I saw these 100 page giants at my local Walmart.  I thought at first that these were some one shots but after taking a better look I think these are going to have more than just a #1 issue.  They all have 3 reprint issues and one 12 page original story in them.  It’s kinda anybody’s guess when or if these are intended to be part of the main continuity.

The Batman Giant had reprints of Batman #608, Nightwing #1, and Harley Quinn #1.  The original story is titled One More Chance, and seems to be a two part story.  It’s about Batman tring to track down a missing child that’s been kidnapped.  Appears to be a fairly typical Batman story.

The Justice League of America Giant has reprints of Justice League #1, The Flash #1, and Aquaman #1.  The original story is Wonder Woman The Conversion.  Featuring Steve Trevor and Ares, while Wonder Woman tries to save some girls on their way to a humanitarian aid conference.  This story wasn’t particularly good or bad.  I don’t know if it’s a lead in to the next issue or not.

The Superman Giant had reprints of Superman/Batman #1, Green Lantern #1, and The Terrifics #1.  The original story is Superman Endurance and seems to be a two part story.  I actually liked this story the best but I don’t know if I could really tell you why.  The set up is that Clark is sent out to write a report on why people who live in areas typically hit by tornadoes don’t just move somewhere else.

The Teen Titans Giant had reprints of Teen Titans #1, Super Sons #1, and Sideways #1.  The original story is titled Enter… The Disruptor!  They manages to pack a lot into a few pages with this one.

I’m hoping I’m able to pick up the second issues when they come out… I’m seeing some disheartening reports of scalpers moving in on these; and that they have fairly low print runs; and aren’t even available at all stores.  Hope my friends out there were able to get them if you wanted them.


DC Comics in GraphicAudio


There’s an awesome deal from Humble Bundle this week.  The DC Comics in GraphicAudio bundle.  If you buy the top tier of this deal you can get 22 audio books for as little as $15.   That’s basically 22 books for the price of 1.  The deal is good for 2 weeks so don’t miss out on this one.


Green Lantern: Hero’s Quest
Wayne of Gotham
Batman: The Stone King
Green Lantern: Sleepers (Book One)


DC Universe: Last Sons
The Flash: Stop Motion
Wonder Woman: Mythos
It’s Superman
Green Lantern: Sleepers (Book Two)
JLA: Exterminators
Infinite Crisis (1 of 2)
Infinite Crisis (2 of 2)


DC Universe: Trail of Time
Batman: Dead Whit
Batman: Inferno
Enemies and Allies
Superman: The Never-Ending Battle
Green Lantern: Sleepers (Book Three)
Final Crisis
52 (1 of 2)
52 (2 of 2)

Riverdale Season 2


This summer I get to play catch up on all of my CW shows, that I missed.  I decided to cut the cord with Dish at the end of last year.  I don’t regret that decision as I was already mostly watching shows off of streaming sites like Netflix anyway.  I think all of the CW shows latest seasons are up now; and I just finished binge watching the second season of Riverdale.

I don’t even really know what to say about Riverdale.  It is a guilty pleasure?  I have the faintest idea that I shouldn’t like this show but damned if I don’t.  For 22 episodes I was practically glued to my couch.  There were so many twists and turns this season it almost made me dizzy.  The primary plot that ran through the season was finding out who the Black Hood was; but there were all these little subplots that I loved too.  Like Jughead and the serpents; or Cheryl and her mother the “Madam”.  Then there was that cliffhanger at the end that we’ll have to wait all the way to October to find out about.  Guess I could say that I’m just really  into it.  The story is just enough over the top and out there that it’s freakin’ fun.

Are you watching it?  Who’s your favorite character or subplot?  Me I’m off to finish watching this season of the Flash.

DC Memorial Day Sale


If you didn’t already know DC has a big digital sale going on right now across multiple platforms.  [Amazon Kindle, Comixology, DC Comics App, Google Play, Apple] Advertised as books up to 85% off.  A lot of graphic novels and collections are priced at $5.99 right now.  I usually buy at least a couple of volumes when these sales come around.  This time I picked up:

  1. DC’s the New Frontier by Darwin Cook
  2. 52 Volume One by Geoff Johns
  3. 52 Volume Two by Geoff Johns
  4. Batman and Robin Eternal Volume One by James Tynion IV and Scott Snyder
  5. Batman and Robin Eternal Volume Two by James Tynion IV and Scott Snyder

I have a kindle fire so I always buy my books on Amazon because it makes them available in my comixology account too; and if it’s in your comixology account you can also read it in the DC comic app which I like for being able to see just my DC books.  I haven’t decided if I want to get anything else this time or not.  I’m trying to decide if the three volumes of Future’s End are worth $18 to me.  Or maybe grab a couple of Min-Series collections?  Or should I start getting the 1980’s Flash run? Hmmm…

Sorted List of the Books on Sale on Amazon

Free Comic Book Day 2018

 18-05-05-16-10-29-729_deco.jpgSo Free Comic Book Day has come and gone and I have finally gotten around to making a little post about it.   If you read my blog you know that I had to have surgery on the Thursday before and wasn’t even sure if I’d be able to go.  There have been quite a few years I haven’t and it always annoyed me so I decided I wasn’t going to be thwarted this year.

I was feeling alright when I started out, I mean I felt ok, not great but ok.  However we hit just about every pothole in town on the way there and I’ll admit I was feeling a bit regretful of my decision by the time we got there.  For more LOLs they had moved the area from the upstairs to down in the basement this year, which meant navigating the staircase of doom to get down to where the action was.

It was fairly busy and there were a lot of kids there running around.  They were doing 10 free items for everybody, 20 for those wearing superhero t-shirts, and 30 for anyone in full costume.  Superhero T-Shirt; Check; 20 items for me; out of a selection of FCBD comics, back issues, and promotional items the store saves up from the year.  They had plenty of stuff to give away but most of the gold and silver tier books were gone by the time I arrived.  There were so many little kids there and they were starting to get low on the all ages comics too so I didn’t take anything from that table even though I really wanted that DC Superhero Girls comic and the Little Mermaid one.  Here’s what I ended up with:

  1. FCBD Avengers
  2. FCBD Riverdale
  3. DC Nation #0
  4. Marvel Rising #0
  5. FCBD Lady Mechanika
  6. FCBD Doctor Who
  7. FCBD Tank Girl
  8. Challengers of the Unknown #1
  9. Hawkeye and Mockingbird #1
  10. Showcase 94 Huntress #5
  11. Showcase 94 Arkham #4
  12. Showcase 94 Arkham #3
  13. Showcase 93 Huntress #10
  14. Vigilante #21
  15. New Titans #94
  16. New Titans #95
  17. New Titans #96
  18. Team Titans Annual #1
  19. Superman #18
  20. Marvel Universe Magazine

Afterwards I went home and took a really long nap.  How did you guys make out, anything cool?  [Oh, and that top image is just me playing around with photo apps and transforming myself into 2D.]


Doing Ok Here

Just wanted to drop a little note and let everyone know that I had the surgery yesterday and it went well as far as we can tell.  I was able to have the microscopic outpatient surgery thankfully.  I spent most of yesterday sleeping the anesthesia off and I’m extremely sore but up and about today.   Expected to be back to a halfway normal routine in 2 to 4 weeks.  If I’m feeling ok tomorrow I’m going to hit the LCS for Free Comic Book day, if not some of my family are going out for me.   Thanks for your well wishes and hope everyone out there is doing fine.