Comic Bento The Grey Area


Comic Bento came in the mail today.  It included four graphic novels under the theme The Grey Area.

Superior Iron Man: Infamous — ISBN# 978-0-7851-9249-7 — $19.99

RAI: Welcome to New Japan — ISBN# 9781939346414 — $9.99

Troublemaker — ISBN# 978-1-59582-488-2 — $17.99

Lola XOXO: The Journey Home — ISBN# 978-194151103-9 –14.99

Total Cover Price:  $62.96

Well, these are some books I know nothing about with the exception of Iron Man.  I’m racking my brains but can’t think of anything I’ve read from publishers Valiant or Aspen in recent memory.  RAI is a comic I’ve seen in comic shops before but I’ve never read an issue of it myself; so that should be interesting.  Lola is a comic that I’ve never seen or heard about, reading the blurb is sounds like a dystopia, so I’ll be trying that one.  Of course I’ve heard of Janet Evanovich and know she’s a best-selling author but I’ve never read any of her books; Troublemaker seems to be a sequel to another story so I’m hoping it can be read without the prior books.




Comic Bento Throwbacks Collection


Well, I received my first Comic Bento box called the Throwbacks Collection.  None of these books were ones I probably would have picked up on my own accord.  Four graphic novels were included:

The Fifth Beatle The Brian Epstein Story  by Vivek J. Tiwary, Andrew C. Robinson, with Kyle Baker  — ISBN# 978-1-61655-265-7 — $49.99

Youngblood Volume 1: Focus Tested by Joe Casey — ISBN# 978-1-58240-945-0 — $9.99

Battlestar Galactica Volume One: Memorial by Dan Abnett ISBN# 978-1-60690-446-6 — $19.99

The Invincible Iron Man Marvel Masterworks by Stan Lee & Don Heck ISBN# 978-0-7851-5907-0 — $24.99

Total Cover Price Value is $104.96

I’m the most interested in reading the Battlestar Galactica story, I loved that tv show.  The Iron Man book reprints issues #51-65 of Tales of Suspense and I’ll probably definitely read those.

Now the other two books I’m not sure about.  I remember buying some Youngblood comics when they first came out and not caring for it too much but it’s been so long I don’t remember why.  Maybe I’ll read it, maybe not.

The Beatles book is the one I don’t really know what to do with.  I have zero interest in this story.  It looks like a nice thing for somebody who’s into the Beatles but I don’t know anyone who is.  It also has shrink wrap on it… should I take it off and look at it… or keep it on and try to get rid of it somehow?

So out of this box two win and two meh, still an awesome value for the price.







Comic Bento Deal on Groupon

The monthly subscription box Comic Bento has a deal up on Groupon right now for 3 months for $19. I’m going to try it out, and see how I like it. It looks like you get about 4 to 5 graphic novels a month, grouped by theme.

Looks like they do a referral offer, if two other people sign up with my referral within 2 days then all of us get $5.08 cash back. Sounds like a nice round number to me. Worth a shot posting it I guess if anyone else is interested.

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