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The Flash #62-65 – Born to Run!


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Story […very briefly.]

Origin Story of Wally West and his transformation from Kid Flash to The Flash.

Art [Just IMHO.]

These issues have excellent pencil work by Greg LaRocque.  The art is just somewhat dated by the coloring techniques used at the time, but otherwise is the strongest aspect of these issues.


Other Notes [???]

I have to be honest.  I did not like this story.  It was four issues long and could have [and probably should have] been condensed to one issue.  It’s kind of bland, and Mark Waid does a pretty good job of making Wally come across as exceptionally whiney.  If this had been my first exposure to Wally West I would probably never have given the character another glance.

These issues are also collected in the trade titled The Flash: Born to Run.

Don’t Forget! [For Fun.]

The premiere of the Flash season 5 airs tonight on the CW!

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The Flash, Vol. 7: Savage World by Robert Venditti, Brett Booth

The Flash, Vol. 7: Savage WorldThe Flash, Vol. 7: Savage World by Robert Venditti

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Flash, Vol. 7 is titled Savage World, and it’s a reference to the savage land of the speed force. A place populated with dinosaurs, robots, and strange jungle like vegetation. It is a place where lost souls throughout time have fallen into and desperately try to survive amongst the dangerous environment. This is the place where a powless Barry Allen finds himself at the beginning of our tale.

He covers his face but not his chest… I wonder what he’s hiding his identity for out there in the jungle…


A stampede of cyborg beasties!  Just what kind of place has Barry woken up to?


Meanwhile Barry’s life has been usurped by a bitter and more angry future version of himself wearing a blue costume. Armed with future knowledge; what will he be willing to do to stop events from happening as they did in his past? Will the Barry trapped in the Savage World be able to regain his powers and get home? And what repercussions will future Barry’s actions have on the present?

Future Barry’s blue-black costume is interesting, but reminds me a little too much of Black Bolt from Marvel Comics.


Patty senses something isn’t quite right…


Savage World delivers a larger than life adventure story reminiscent of Journey to the Center of the Earth while simultaneously exploring the philosophical question if you could go back in time would you kill a killer before he commits his crime?

Artistically I find next to nothing to complain about except a few slight inconsistencies in facial shape; and one or two page layouts where I think a heavier outline would have given better definition to the layered panels. Other than that this the artwork is synonymous with the high caliber, dynamic art I usually associate with DC comics.

Extended Review with pictures:

in a few minutes

I received an advance reader’s copy of this graphic novel through NetGalley’s read and review program.

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