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Sorry for the Sporadic Posting


Sorry for the sporadic posting.  I ended up having to go to the emergency room in the middle of the night last week and I’ve had three doctor appointments since that.  If nothing goes wrong I’m scheduled to have surgery next Thursday and expect to be down and out for awhile after that.  I’ve been suffering with seemingly random bouts of intense pain, nausea, and vomiting [I know, thanks for telling you that right?  :-P] that last for hours on end.  They’ve told me it’s my gallbladder and having it removed should cure me.  I’m disappointed that I’m having to do this so close to Free Comic Book Day.   I hope the rest of you get some good stuff though.

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TGIF & X-Men Gold Vol. 2: Evil Empires


This week has been exhausting on so many levels.  Somehow I managed to completely forget that this week was spring break and my sweet little devil was at home with me all week.  I have new appreciation for all the times I complained to my own parents that I was BORED!

Then I had to deal with getting a new washing machine.  Which necessitated moving half the house around in order to clear a path in an out big enough for a washing machine to pass through…  Believe me when I tell you how much you take for granted the simple ability to do your laundry until you can’t.  Ah, anyway I finally got to sit down this evening after putting the boy wonder to bed.  And I finished…

The rest of the issues that make up X-Men Gold Vol. 2: Evil Empires on the Marvel Unlimited App.  I’m still really liking this title even though I don’t think the issues are all that groundbreaking overall.  I like the character line up.  I like the teams dynamic but they are missing a bit that would really kick it up to Gold Level.  Looking forward to continuing to read it though.