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Humble has about a week left on a bundle of comics by Jeff Lemire.  I bought it primarily to check out Gideon Falls which I had heard about, and I’m not very familiar with the other offerings but the descriptions of some of them seem promising.

 If you aren’t familiar with Humble Bundle; it promotes itself as sort of a charity site that sells digital content and you pay what you want for what they are offering.  If you want to get all of the comics you will need to pay at least $15.

Tier 1: $.99

Sherlock Frankenstein Vol. 1
Gideon Falls #1: Director’s Cut
Gideon Falls #7
Descender Vol. 1: Tin Stars
Royal City Vol. 1: Next Of Kin
A.D.: After Death Book 1

Tier 2: $8.00

Gideon Falls #8
Gideon Falls #9
Descender Vol. 2: Machine Moon
Descender Vol. 3: Singularities
Royal City Vol. 2: Sonic Youth
A.D.: After Death Book 2
Essex County
Lost Dogs
Bloodshot Reborn Vol. 1

Tier 3: $15

Underwater Welder
The Valiant Deluxe Edition
Ascender #1
Black Hammer Vol. 1: Secret Origins
A.D.: After Death Book 3
Royal City Vol. 3: We All Float On
Descender Vol. 4: Orbital Mechanics
Descender Vol. 5 Rise Of The Robots
Descender Vol. 6: The Machine War
Gideon Falls Vol. 1: The Black Barn
Gideon Falls #10
Gideon Falls #11


I've been reading and collecting comics since the early 1980's. My absolute favorite comic characters are Dick Grayson, and Kitty Pryde, but I like lots of others too! I started collecting single issue comics when I was about 7 or 8 years old and it's been a lifelong passion of mine.

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