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Defenders [2017-2018] #1-10


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Story […very briefly.]

This story is written by Brian Michael Bendis.  The Kingpin has gone legit. [Yeah, right.]  Who will be the new Kingpin?  It’s up to the newly formed team of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Ironfist [Because you know, netflix show lineup.], to find out.  Also why are believed dead villains comming back to life? [Don’t hold your breath for a good explanation.]

Art [Just IMHO.]

David Marquez artwork is on point.  Too bad the story isn’t.


Other Notes [???]

Ok.  This story.  Ummm, it started off really strong but in the end it didn’t really go anywhere.  In the beginning we have this really interesting lead in with Diamondback, who everyone thought was dead showing up and this new street drug that he’s distributing through the city.  It’s a really good mystery set up but it never delivers a satisfying stopping point.  Every issue pretty much ends with a shocking cliffhanger, even the last one.  In these ten issues appearances are made by Night Nurse, The Punisher, Daughters of the Dragon, Black Cat and Deadpool, to name a few.

The dialing and friendly banter between the characters, works well and carries the story along.  The art is consistently good throughout.  Unfortunately the story meanders in the end; with a poorly thought out wrap up.  It feels very much like an unfinished work.

These issues are also collected in the two trades titled Defenders Vol. 1: Diamonds Are Forever and Defenders Vol. 2: Kingpins of New York.

In Other News! [For Fun.]

Netflix has canceled Iron Fist after two seasons.  Which is disappointing for me as I actually really liked the show and the second season had a really interesting tease at the end of it that I was really hoping to see play out.  Oh, well!  Maybe we’ll get to see the characters in on of the other series.  Here’s a link to one of the many articles about it.


I've been reading and collecting comics since the early 1980's. My absolute favorite comic characters are Dick Grayson, and Kitty Pryde, but I like lots of others too! I started collecting single issue comics when I was about 7 or 8 years old and it's been a lifelong passion of mine.

4 thoughts on “Defenders [2017-2018] #1-10

  1. I haven’t started Iron Fist season 2, and now, it’ll be longer (cuz I have a hard time getting into “lame duck” stuff).

    I started Daredevil season 1, trailed off a little over halfway through…never’ve gotten back to it. Watched an episode or 2 of Jessica Jones, didn’t continue.

    Never got to Luke Cage.

    Tried and binged all of Iron Fist season 1.

    Never got to Defenders (mainly “knowing” I have pre-requisites left to get to first).

    Never got to Punisher.

    No JJ season 1, no season 2 for me.

    Ditto Daredevil.

    So the one that actually drew me in, sucked me in for a full season binge-watch start to finish…of COURSE, *THAT* is the one they cancel.

    (But hey, I have 8 1/2 more seasons of SVU on hulu and then however far the current season is, the Marvel CINEMATIC universe to re-watch, 6 1/2 seasons of Homicide: Life on the Street on dvd, among many other things).

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    1. I’ve kept up with most of the Netflix shows although I’m a bit behind now. Daredevil is my favorite and I really liked Iron Fist and Punisher. I liked the first season of Jessica Jones but the second season was not that good to me. Cage was so-so, and I haven’t been in the mood to watch the second season of it yet. Looking forward to Daredevil Season 3 this Friday. 🙂


  2. Oops…meant to elaborate on the “lame duck” comment.

    Announcing a series will be ending with #X, and a relaunched #1 with new creative team/etc. If I’m not fully engaged, just as well to bail and those last few issues have even lower sales. If I’m considering checking out a series, why jump in “now?” I’ll just wait for the new #1–assuming I don’t et turned off to it on principle before then (price, variants, etc).

    Same way (with Marvel) when barely HALF WAY into ONE event, they’re already announcing and onto hyping the NEXT event.

    (You know that meme with the guy flinging papers in the air saying “F-it”?) 😉

    Of course, this does not apply (to me, at least in the same way) when it’s a finite or finite-for-the-foreseeable-future thing, or actual/total conclusion. (Lost final season? House final season? Breaking Bad final season? etc.)

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    1. Yeah, I get the feeling. It’s like why bother at this point? righ? 🙂 You know I’ve never seen Lost, I’ve had a couple of friends recommend it to me but never gotten around to it.


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