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DC Universe: Brightest Day


It’s been months since my last post on this blog.  There have been a lot of contributing factors to that.  Just having real world things going on and a major point was a very old, half running computer that I’ve replaced this week.  Right now I am making my way through the Brightest Day story line on DC Universe.  This post is mostly for my own reference.

Brightest Day

This is a story-line that started in 2010 and directly followed the events of the Darkest Night event story-line.  Twelve resurrected characters are the focus of the story.

DC Universe has listed 116 issues for this story-line.  I plan on listing them here as I read so I can keep up with it.  I know that I have read the main miniseries for this and the Green Lantern books when it came out but I don’t recall if I have ever read any of the other tie-ins or not.  Honestly at this point I’ve read it so long ago that it might as well be a fresh read for me.  I’ve enjoyed the first six issues that I finished today.

  1. Brightest Day #0
  2. Justice League: Generation Lost #1
  3. Justice League: Generation Lost #2
  4. Green Lantern #53
  5. Green Lantern Corps #48
  6. Brightest Day #1


Other Story-line Collection Links on DC Universe:

Crisis On Infinite Earths

Dark Nights Metal




I've been reading and collecting comics since the early 1980's. My absolute favorite comic characters are Dick Grayson, and Kitty Pryde, but I like lots of others too! I started collecting single issue comics when I was about 7 or 8 years old and it's been a lifelong passion of mine.

2 thoughts on “DC Universe: Brightest Day

  1. Welcome back! 🙂

    I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but WB/DC announcing that they’re adding the ENTIRETY of their digital comics library to the thing instead of the “curated” crap they were doing has pretty much guaranteed I’ll re-subscribe sooner than not.

    I recall the lack of comics, and the “last chance to read!” curation of such limited amounts of stories/issues being the driving factor for me dropping it.

    I never really “thought” about how many issues had the Brightest Day tag…but after specifically following the entirety of Blackest Night, I was worn out by then and took it as a jumping-off point. Had I realized that it was barely a year/year-and-a-half before they’d pull the New 52, I might’ve stuck around on more titles for that “end of the ride” stuff.

    Good luck with your reading endeavor! Hope it’s a fun ride!

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    1. Hi! 🙂 I’m really looking forward to the expansion of the library. I’m going to try to not get side tracked though and read through this Brightest Day story-line. There are so many books I pan on reading when they get those other comics completely up though. 🙂


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