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Comixology Launches Comixology Unlimited Subscription Service


Comixology just launched an all you can read [of a very limited selection of titles] subscription service.  I signed up for the free trial so I could look at what was being offered.  Honestly it doesn’t seem to be very much to me.  The top two publishers, Marvel and DC are not included in their offerings.

 The have some popular titles from Dynamite, IDW, Image and Oni Press, but most of them were things I’ve picked up in bundles that I already own copies of.  They have a few manga titles but no Shoujo titles that I could see or Romance titles from Harlequin Publishing.  The only thing I saw that I was somewhat interested in were the Archie Comics.

Personally at $5.99 a month it probably isn’t worth it to me personally.  That might change if they improve their selection of titles to include more of what I like.  Might be good if you like independent comics, but I think that Scribd has a better selection of comics if they haven’t dropped them anyway.

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Groupees Comic Bundles ~ 2 Days Left


Groupees is running some great deals on digital comic book bundles right now, and they are up for 2 more days.

The first one is the Bundle of Independents containing a plethora of series starters:

For $5 Minimum You Get:

  1. The Boys Vol. 1
  2. Revival, Vol. 1
  3. Ciudad
  4. The Fuse, Vol. 1
  5. Locke & Key Vol. 1
  6. Chew Vol. 1
  7. A Boy and A Girl
  8. The Devilers #1-7

For $12 Minimum You Also Get:

  1. Richard Stark’s Parker Vol. 1
  2. Little Nemo: Return To Slumberland
  3. Shutter, Vol. 1
  4. Saga, Vol. 1
  5. Wasteland Vol. 1
  6. Devolution #1-2
  7. 30 Days of Night Vol. 1
  8. The Living Corpse
  9. Stumptown Vol. 1
  10. Uncanny Vol. 1: Season of Hungry Ghosts
  11. American Flagg! #1-5

For $25 Minimum You Also Get:

  1. Ragnarok Vol. 1
  2. Deadly Class, Vol. 1
  3. Starve Vol. 1
  4. Descender, Vol. 1
  5. Letter 44 Vol. 1
  6. The Sixth Gun Vol. 1
  7. Lost At Sea
  8. Ex-Con Vol. 1: Fading Lights
  9. Dreadstar #1-6
  10. The Complete Zombies vs. Robots
  11. Morning Glories, Volume 1
  12. Low, Vol 1
  13. The Rocketeer: The Complete Adventures
  14. Danger Girl: Deluxe
  15. Ghost Projekt. V1


The other bundle is The Dynamite Fantasy Bundle; and the nice thing about this one is that if you had missed the previous Dynamite bundles on Groupees this is your chance to pick them up because they are the other tiers on this deal.  I’m not going to go through those and list the comics because it’s just too many but you can click on the links to see the titles.

For $5 Minimum You Get:

  1. Game of Thrones #1-4
  2. Adventures of Red Sonja #1-7
  3. Army Of Darkness: Movie Adaptation
  4. Blood Queen #1-6
  5. John Carter: Warlord Of Mars #7-14
  6. Pathfinder: Origins #1-3
  7. Red Sonja (V3) #1-2
  8. Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain #1
  9. Pathfinder Special 2013

For $25 Minimum You Also Get:

Dynamite Bundle #3

For $40 Minimum You Also Get:

Dynamite Bundle #4

For $55 Minimum You Also Get:

Dynamite Bundle #1

Dynamite Bundle #2


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G.I. JOE Vol.3: Siren’s Song by Paul Allor

G.I. Joe (2013-) Vol. 3: Siren's Song (G.I. Joe (2013))G.I. Joe (2013-) Vol. 3: Siren’s Song (G.I. Joe by Paul Allor

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Read on Scribd service. From the inside cover: ISBN:9781623025816; originally published as G.I. JOE Volume 3 issues #12-15.

Good story but seemed like the art was weaker in this volume than the last two. This volume chronicles the indoctrination of a new Cobra Agent called Siren as she follows the Baroness around the world while they try to find Siren’s son who has been taken by child traffickers. The story is interjected with snippets of different Cobra Commander’s throughout history. The first half deals mainly with Cobra and the last part of the story is told by Hashtag.

Looks like this may be the last story in this particular run.

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There are quite a few different looking art styles in this volume and some I liked better than others.



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G.I. JOE Volume 2: Threat Matrix by Fred Van Lente

G.I. Joe Volume 2: Threat MatrixG.I. Joe Volume 2: Threat Matrix by Fred Van Lente

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

From the inside cover: Originally published as G.I. JOE Volume 3 Issues #6-11.

I read this graphic novel on Scribd.

Continuation and conclusion? of the story started in the first volume as well as a sort origin story for Roadblock and his cousin Heavy Duty. Sill, enjoying this title. More Cobra agents showing up in this one we had Zandar, Zarana, Baroness, Destro, Mad Monk, and Cobra Commander. Scarlett and her team make a few cameo appearances. I also really like the shorts with Marcy Malone, intern of Cobra, they made me laugh.

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When I was a little kid, we played out our favorite cartoons at school sometimes,  if we were playing G.I. JOE, I always wanted to be the Baroness!  Even when she’s beaten she slips away to fight another day.


Does it make me evil if I laughed at this scene where Destro and the Baroness are skeet shooting human disks?


I still like Cover Girl even though she was being a total stalker, when she was following Duke around.


This was the first of those shorts about the Cobra Intern. Hahah…



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G. I. JOE Volume 1: Homefront by Steve Kurth

G.I. JOE Volume 1: HomefrontG.I. JOE Volume 1: Homefront by Steve Kurth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I got a trial month of Scribd to try out and this is the first thing I picked.

I had read some of the old Marvel G.I. JOE series but this is the first of the IDW G.I. JOE comics I’ve ever read. Maybe it’s just the nostalgia but I really liked it despite it getting off to a bit of a snarky start. At about the halfway point I got sucked right into the story and finished it pretty fast. I like the art in this volume too, there are some great images of my favorite villainess The Baroness in here. I liked Cover Girl’s costume a lot too, and it’s got a bit of humor about the toy line.

Oh, there are a few pages in the back about the history of G.I. JOE toys and their history that I found quite interesting to read. I’m looking forward to reading the next volume.

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This is the team featured in the story,  with the addition of Duke and a media specialist called Hashtag.


Oh, I took a snip of one feature of the Scrbd comic reader that I liked.  If you put the pages up to the largest setting the pages will be flush with each other as you scroll down.  This made it really easy to read through with only using the mouse wheel for navigation.