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Comixology Launches Comixology Unlimited Subscription Service


Comixology just launched an all you can read [of a very limited selection of titles] subscription service.  I signed up for the free trial so I could look at what was being offered.  Honestly it doesn’t seem to be very much to me.  The top two publishers, Marvel and DC are not included in their offerings.

 The have some popular titles from Dynamite, IDW, Image and Oni Press, but most of them were things I’ve picked up in bundles that I already own copies of.  They have a few manga titles but no Shoujo titles that I could see or Romance titles from Harlequin Publishing.  The only thing I saw that I was somewhat interested in were the Archie Comics.

Personally at $5.99 a month it probably isn’t worth it to me personally.  That might change if they improve their selection of titles to include more of what I like.  Might be good if you like independent comics, but I think that Scribd has a better selection of comics if they haven’t dropped them anyway.

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Groupees Comic Bundles ~ 2 Days Left


Groupees is running some great deals on digital comic book bundles right now, and they are up for 2 more days.

The first one is the Bundle of Independents containing a plethora of series starters:

For $5 Minimum You Get:

  1. The Boys Vol. 1
  2. Revival, Vol. 1
  3. Ciudad
  4. The Fuse, Vol. 1
  5. Locke & Key Vol. 1
  6. Chew Vol. 1
  7. A Boy and A Girl
  8. The Devilers #1-7

For $12 Minimum You Also Get:

  1. Richard Stark’s Parker Vol. 1
  2. Little Nemo: Return To Slumberland
  3. Shutter, Vol. 1
  4. Saga, Vol. 1
  5. Wasteland Vol. 1
  6. Devolution #1-2
  7. 30 Days of Night Vol. 1
  8. The Living Corpse
  9. Stumptown Vol. 1
  10. Uncanny Vol. 1: Season of Hungry Ghosts
  11. American Flagg! #1-5

For $25 Minimum You Also Get:

  1. Ragnarok Vol. 1
  2. Deadly Class, Vol. 1
  3. Starve Vol. 1
  4. Descender, Vol. 1
  5. Letter 44 Vol. 1
  6. The Sixth Gun Vol. 1
  7. Lost At Sea
  8. Ex-Con Vol. 1: Fading Lights
  9. Dreadstar #1-6
  10. The Complete Zombies vs. Robots
  11. Morning Glories, Volume 1
  12. Low, Vol 1
  13. The Rocketeer: The Complete Adventures
  14. Danger Girl: Deluxe
  15. Ghost Projekt. V1


The other bundle is The Dynamite Fantasy Bundle; and the nice thing about this one is that if you had missed the previous Dynamite bundles on Groupees this is your chance to pick them up because they are the other tiers on this deal.  I’m not going to go through those and list the comics because it’s just too many but you can click on the links to see the titles.

For $5 Minimum You Get:

  1. Game of Thrones #1-4
  2. Adventures of Red Sonja #1-7
  3. Army Of Darkness: Movie Adaptation
  4. Blood Queen #1-6
  5. John Carter: Warlord Of Mars #7-14
  6. Pathfinder: Origins #1-3
  7. Red Sonja (V3) #1-2
  8. Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain #1
  9. Pathfinder Special 2013

For $25 Minimum You Also Get:

Dynamite Bundle #3

For $40 Minimum You Also Get:

Dynamite Bundle #4

For $55 Minimum You Also Get:

Dynamite Bundle #1

Dynamite Bundle #2


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Humble Comics Bundle Dynamite Best-Selling Authors


Humble Comics Bundle Dynamite Best-Selling Authors just went live.  Here’s a list of the books and what tier they are in, I decided to just get the middle one this time because I’m not really interested in any of the top tier books.

Tier 1:

The Spider Vol 1: Terror Of The Zombie Queen
Complete Alice In Wonderland
Sherlock Holmes: Year One
Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson: Hopcross
The Shadow Vol 1: Fire Of Creation
Charlaine Harris’ Grave Sight #1
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Echoes

Tier 2:

Justice Inc. Vol 1
Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure
Shaft: A Complicated Man
Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Ghoul Goblin
The Shadow Vol. 2: Revolution
Dean Koontz’s Fear Nothing
Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet Vol 2: Wearing O The Green
More comics coming soon!

Tier 3:

Game Of Thrones #1 – 4
Django/Zorro Collection
The Last Temptation
Legends of Red Sonja Collection
Vampirella Master Series Vol 4: Visionaries

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StoryBundle: Dynamite Thrills and Chills Bundle

StoryBundle started a new Dynamite bundle  today which looks like it will be up through the end of December.  StoryBundle is a bit pricer than other bundle sites and I’ve never bought anything from them but I might pick this one up.


This is copied from the promotional email I received:

The initial titles in the Dynamite Thrills and Chills Bundle (minimum $5 to purchase) are:

Vampirella Vol. 3: Throne of Skulls by Eric Trautmann and Jose Malaga
Raise the Dead Vol. 1 by Leah Moore and John Reppion
Grave Sight #1 by Charlaine Harris
Evil Ernie Vol. 2 by Tim Seeley and Steve Seeley
Dark Shadows – Complete 1st Series by Mike Raight and Nacho Tenorio
If you pay more than the bonus price of just $15, you get all five of the regular titles, plus these outstanding comic collections:

The Dresden Files – Storm Front Vol. 1 by Jim Butcher and Mark Powers
Lady Demon #1-4 by Aaron Gillespie and Mirka Andolfo
Super Zombies #1-5 by Marc Guggenheim and Vince Gonzales
Alice Cooper Vol. 1 by Joe Harris and Brandon Jerwa
Dead Irons Collection by James Kuhoric and Jason Shawn Alexander
And even better! If you pay just $20, you get all 10 of the aforementioned comic volumes, plus eight more:

Reanimator #1-4 by Keith Davidsen and Randy Valiente
Purgatori #1-5 by Aaron Gillespie and Javier Garcia-Miranda
Neil Gaiman’s The Last Temptation by Neil Gaiman and Michael Zulli
Mercy Thompson Moon Called Vol. 2 by Patricia Briggs and David Lawrence
The Living Corpse Omnius Vol. 1 by Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson
Game of Thrones #1-4 by George R.R. Martin, Daniel Abraham and Tommy Patterson
Fear Nothing by Dean Koontz
Cryptozoic Man Vol. 1 by Bryan Johnson and Walter Flanagan
And now, a preview from Neil Gaiman’s The Last Temptation!


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The Art of Ramona Fradon by Ramona Fradon

The Art of Ramona FradonThe Art of Ramona Fradon by Ramona Fradon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Most of the book is interviews with Ramona Fradon, and samples of her artwork from her long career in comics. There are also some smaller articles about notable editors and people she worked with. Strangely I found the whole thing a bit depressing. She talks about what books she liked working on and which ones she did not. People she enjoyed working with and people she did not. She certainly seems to have had an interesting life. Recommended if you like reading comic insider type stuff.

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Two little snips from the book to give you a better idea of what’s inside.

Image1 Image2

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Wild Cards: The Hard Call by Daniel Abraham

George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards: The Hard CallGeorge R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards: The Hard Call by Daniel Abraham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I actually ended up really enjoying this book even though I haven’t finished Wild Cards. One of the characters who features heavily in this story is Croyd Crenson a.k.a The Sleeper, who’s origin story is detailed in the first Wild Cards book.

Briefly, the setup for the story is that a display of Jet Boy’s clothing is at a school science fair and when the casing gets broken it causes an outbreak of the Wild Cards Virus in the school.

I really enjoyed the story a lot but some of the artwork wasn’t as defined as it could have been. There were of course a lot of ugly mutant looking Jokers in this, but only few of them had any time taken on drawing them. It’s kinda like the artist was like, they are ugly anyway so why should I bother drawing them well?

Recommended if you like the anthology series.

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Here are two examples of artwork from the book, which kind of seems to have high and low points.  I think a really good colorist saved a lot of these panels.  I don’t think it’s terrible, I just don’t think all of it is of the same quality.

Image4 Image5

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BitTorrent Bundle: The Dynamite Mega Bundle!


I stumbled across another Dynamite Comic Bundle, I guess it’s been out for a little bit but I had never heard of this company before?  I was a little hesitant to purchase it because I’ve never heard of bundles offered in this manner before.  But I did find a article on Huffington Post about it being a real business so I guess it’s legit.

The cost for the bundle is $6 USD and all of the first issues can be downloaded for free, so it’s a pretty cheap deal for what you get.  The big downside here is the fact that it’s a bittorrent download.  It took me an hour to download all of the epub, and I’m still waiting for all of the pdfs.  In short it is slow.  Also, bittorrent has a bit of a learning curve to install as you must know your ip address and how to open a port on your network, and direct it to said port in order to install a bittorrent client.

Anyway the webpage is HERE if you want to take a look at it.

Also I copied this list of files and info from a readme that was in the torrent download:

The Dynamite Mega Bundle!

The Free BitTorrent™ Bundle

The Dynamite Mega Bundle will include eight complete graphic novels, which alone comprise a whopping 2,000 pages of sequential storytelling by some of the most recognizable authors in literature and comic books, including George R.R. Martin, Robert Jordan, Amanda Hocking, Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, Warren Ellis, Alan Moore, Jeph Loeb, and Kurt Busiek. The inclusion of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time is especially noteworthy, as it collects all 36 issues of the acclaimed comic book adaptation. In addition to complete collections, Dynamite will offer single digital comic book issues that comprise entire storylines, or alternately introduce fans to exciting series currently in production. Famous movie and television icons (Bob’s Burgers, The Warriors, The Twilight Zone), roleplaying and video games (Pathfinder, Doodle Jump), legendary creative voices of film and music (Kevin Smith, Alice Cooper, Quentin Tarantino), titans of modern and classic literature (The Dresden Files, Shaft, Sherlock Holmes), and nearly every conceivable comic book genre are represented in this assortment of 125 digital comic books.This FREE BitTorrent Bundle contains:

  • AliceCooper01.epub
  • AliceCooper01.pdf
  • BobsBurgers01.epub
  • BobsBurgers01.pdf
  • Chaos01.epub
  • Chaos01.pdf
  • CryptoMan01.epub
  • CryptoMan01.pdf
  • DeanKoontzFrankProdSonVol1-01.epub
  • DeanKoontzFrankProdSonVol1-01.pdf
  • DjangoZorro01.epub
  • DjangoZorro01.pdf
  • DoodleJump01.epub
  • DoodleJump01.pdf
  • DresdenFilesWarCry01.epub
  • DresdenFilesWarCry01.pdf
  • ExCon01.epub
  • ExCon01.pdf
  • GreenHornet-Smith01.epub
  • GreenHornet-Smith01.pdf
  • GreenHornet-Waid01.epub
  • GreenHornet-Waid01.pdf
  • JungleGirl00.epub
  • JungleGIrl00.pdf
  • JungleGirl01.epub
  • JungleGirl01.pdf
  • KirbyGenesis00.epub
  • KirbyGenesis01.epub
  • KirbyGenesis00.pdf
  • Legenderry01.epub
  • Legenderry01.pdf
  • MercyTHompsonMoonCalled01.epub
  • MercyTHompsonMoonCalled01.pdf
  • MockingDead01.epub
  • MockingDead01.pdf
  • MonsterWar01.epub
  • MonsterWar01.pdf
  • Pathfinder01.epub
  • Pathfinder01.pdf
  • ProjectSuperpowers00.epub
  • ProjectSuperpowers00.pdf
  • RedSonja01.epub
  • RedSonja01.pdf
  • Shaft01.epub
  • Shaft01.pdf
  • SherlockHomes01.epub
  • SherlockHomes01.pdf
  • TheHollows01.epub
  • TheHollows01.pdf
  • TwilightZone01.epub
  • TwilightZone01.pdf
  • Uncanny01.epub
  • Uncanny01.pdf
  • VampirellaMastersSeriesVol01-Chap01.epub
  • VampirellaMastersSeriesVol01-Chap01.pdf
  • VampirellaMastersSeriesVol02-Chap01.epub
  • VampirellaMastersSeriesVol02-Chap01.pdf
  • VampirellaMastersSeriesVol04-Chap01.epub
  • VampirellaMastersSeriesVol04-Chap01.pdf
  • WarriorsJailbreak01.epub
  • WarriorsJailbreak01.pdf
  • WheelOfTime01.epub
  • WheelOfTime01.pdf
  • WildCardsTheHardCall-Chap01.epub
  • WildCardsTheHardCall-Chap01.pdf
  • VISIT the Official DYNAMITE Website.html
  • VISIT the Official DYNAMITE Store.html

Unlocking this Bundle will get you…

  • Alice02.pdf
  • Alice03.pdf
  • JungleGirlSeasonTwo01.pdf
  • JungleGirlSeasonTwo02.pdf
  • JungleGirlSeasonTwo03.pdf
  • JungleGirlSeasonTwo04.pdf
  • JungleGirlSeasonTwo05.pdf
  • WheelOfTime1point5.pdf
  • WheelOfTime02.pdf
  • WheelOfTime03.pdf
  • WheelOfTime04.pdf
  • WheelOfTime05.pdf
  • WheelOfTime06.pdf
  • WheelOfTime07.pdf
  • WheelOfTime08.pdf
  • WheelOfTime09.pdf
  • WheelOfTime10.pdf
  • WheelOfTime11.pdf
  • WheelOfTime12.pdf
  • WheelOfTime13.pdf
  • WheelOfTime14.pdf
  • WheelOfTime15.pdf
  • WheelOfTime16.pdf
  • WheelOfTime17.pdf
  • WheelOfTime18.pdf
  • WheelOfTime19.pdf
  • WheelOfTime20.pdf
  • WheelOfTime21.pdf
  • WheelOfTime22.pdf
  • WheelOfTime23.pdf
  • WheelOfTime24.pdf
  • WheelOfTime25.pdf
  • WheelOfTime26.pdf
  • WheelOfTime27.pdf
  • WheelOfTime28.pdf
  • WheelOfTime29.pdf
  • WheelOfTime30.pdf
  • WheelOfTime31.pdf
  • WheelOfTime32.pdf
  • WheelOfTime33.pdf
  • WheelOfTime34.pdf
  • WheelOfTime35.pdf
  • DoodleJump02.pdf
  • DoodleJump03.pdf
  • DoodleJump04.pdf
  • DjangoZorro02.pdf
  • WarriorsJailbreak02.pdf
  • WarriorsJailbreak03.pdf
  • WarriorsJailbreak04.pdf
  • TwilightZone02.pdf
  • TwilightZone03.pdf
  • TwilightZone04.pdf
  • CryptoMan02.pdf
  • CryptoMan03.pdf
  • CryptoMan04.pdf
  • GreenHornet-Smith02.pdf
  • GreenHornet-Smith03.pdf
  • GreenHornet-Smith04.pdf
  • GreenHornet-Smith05.pdf
  • GreenHornet-Smith06.pdf
  • GreenHornet-Smith07.pdf
  • GreenHornet-Smith08.pdf
  • GreenHornet-Smith09.pdf
  • GreenHornet-Smith10.pdf
  • ProjectSuperpowers01.pdf
  • ProjectSuperpowers02.pdf
  • ProjectSuperpowers03.pdf
  • ProjectSuperpowers04.pdf
  • ProjectSuperpowers05.pdf
  • ProjectSuperpowers06.pdf
  • ProjectSuperpowers07.pdf
  • RedSonja02.pdf
  • RedSonja03.pdf
  • RedSonja04.pdf
  • RedSonja05.pdf
  • RedSonja06.pdf
  • BobsBurgers02.pdf
  • BobsBurgers03.pdf
  • MockingDead02.pdf
  • MockingDead03.pdf
  • MockingDead04.pdf
  • MockingDead05.pdf
  • Pathfinder02.pdf
  • Pathfinder03.pdf
  • Pathfinder04.pdf
  • Pathfinder05.pdf
  • Pathfinder06.pdf
  • Uncanny02.pdf
  • Uncanny03.pdf
  • Uncanny04.pdf
  • Uncanny05.pdf
  • Uncanny06.pdf
  • DeanKoontzFrankProdSonVol1-02.pdf
  • DeanKoontzFrankProdSonVol1-03.pdf
  • DeanKoontzFrankProdSonVol1-04.pdf
  • DeanKoontzFrankProdSonVol1-05.pdf
  • DresdenFilesWarCry02.pdf
  • DresdenFilesWarCry03.pdf
  • DresdenFilesWarCry04.pdf
  • DresdenFilesWarCry05.pdf
  • JungleGirl02.pdf
  • JungleGirl03.pdf
  • JungleGirl04.pdf
  • JungleGirl05.pdf
  • MonsterWar02.pdf
  • MonsterWar03.pdf
  • MonsterWar04.pdf
  • GreenHornet-Waid02.pdf
  • GreenHornet-Waid03.pdf
  • GreenHornet-Waid04.pdf
  • GreenHornet-Waid05.pdf
  • GreenHornet-Waid06.pdf
  • KirbyGenesis01.pdf
  • KirbyGenesis02.pdf
  • KirbyGenesis03.pdf
  • KirbyGenesis04.pdf
  • KirbyGenesis05.pdf
  • KirbyGenesis06.pdf
  • KirbyGenesis07.pdf
  • KirbyGenesis08.pdf
  • Legenderry02.pdf
  • Legenderry03.pdf
  • ExCon02.pdf
  • ExCon03.pdf
  • ExCon04.pdf
  • ExCon05.pdf
  • SherlockHomes02.pdf
  • SherlockHomes03.pdf
  • SherlockHomes04.pdf
  • SherlockHomes05.pdf
  • Chaos02.pdf
  • Chaos03.pdf
  • Chaos04.pdf
  • Chaos05.pdf
  • Chaos06.pdf
  • WildCardsTheHardCall.pdf
  • MercyThompMoonCalledVol01.pdf
  • MercyThompMoonCalledVol02.pdf
  • HollowlandsGraphicNovelVol01.pdf
  • VampirellaMastersSeriesVol02.pdf
  • VampirellaMastersSeriesVol04.pdf
  • AliceCooper02.epub
  • AliceCooper03.epub
  • BobsBurgers02.epub
  • BobsBurgers03.epub
  • DeanKoontzFrankProdSonVol1-02.epub
  • DeanKoontzFrankProdSonVol1-03.epub
  • DeanKoontzFrankProdSonVol1-04.epub
  • DeanKoontzFrankProdSonVol1-05.epub
  • CryptoMan02.epub
  • CryptoMan03.epub
  • CryptoMan04.epub
  • DoodleJump02.epub
  • DoodleJump03.epub
  • DoodleJump04.epub
  • DjangoZorro02.epub
  • GreenHornet-Smith02.epub
  • GreenHornet-Smith03.epub
  • GreenHornet-Smith04.epub
  • GreenHornet-Smith05.epub
  • GreenHornet-Smith06.epub
  • GreenHornet-Smith07.epub
  • GreenHornet-Smith08.epub
  • GreenHornet-Smith09.epub
  • GreenHornet-Smith10.epub
  • DresdenFilesWarCry02.epub
  • DresdenFilesWarCry03.epub
  • DresdenFilesWarCry04.epub
  • DresdenFilesWarCry05.epub
  • Chaos02.epub
  • Chaos03.epub
  • Chaos04.epub
  • Chaos05.epub
  • Chaos06.epub
  • ExCon02.epub
  • ExCon03.epub
  • ExCon04.epub
  • ExCon05.epub
  • GreenHornet-Waid02.epub
  • GreenHornet-Waid03.epub
  • GreenHornet-Waid04.epub
  • GreenHornet-Waid05.epub
  • GreenHornet-Waid06.epub
  • HollowlandsGraphicNovelVol01.epub
  • JungleGirl02.epub
  • JungleGirl03.epub
  • JungleGirl04.epub
  • JungleGirl05.epub
  • JungleGirlSeasonTwo01.epub
  • JungleGirlSeasonTwo02.epub
  • JungleGirlSeasonTwo03.epub
  • JungleGirlSeasonTwo04.epub
  • JungleGirlSeasonTwo05.epub
  • MockingDead02.epub
  • MockingDead03.epub
  • MockingDead04.epub
  • MockingDead05.epub
  • Legenderry02.epub
  • Legenderry03.epub
  • MonsterWar02.epub
  • MonsterWar03.epub
  • MonsterWar04.epub
  • ProjectSuperpowers01.epub
  • ProjectSuperpowers02.epub
  • ProjectSuperpowers03.epub
  • ProjectSuperpowers04.epub
  • ProjectSuperpowers05.epub
  • ProjectSuperpowers06.epub
  • ProjectSuperpowers07.epub
  • SherlockHomes04.epub
  • SherlockHomes02.epub
  • SherlockHomes03.epub
  • SherlockHomes05.epub
  • TwilightZone02.epub
  • TwilightZone03.epub
  • TwilightZone04.epub
  • Uncanny02.epub
  • Uncanny03.epub
  • Uncanny04.epub
  • Uncanny05.epub
  • Uncanny06.epub
  • RedSonja02.epub
  • RedSonja03.epub
  • RedSonja04.epub
  • RedSonja05.epub
  • RedSonja06.epub
  • KirbyGenesis01.epub
  • KirbyGenesis02.epub
  • KirbyGenesis03.epub
  • KirbyGenesis04.epub
  • KirbyGenesis05.epub
  • KirbyGenesis06.epub
  • KirbyGenesis07.epub
  • KirbyGenesis08.epub
  • Pathfinder02.epub
  • Pathfinder03.epub
  • Pathfinder04.epub
  • Pathfinder05.epub
  • Pathfinder06.epub
  • MercyTHompMoonCalledVol01.epub
  • MercyTHompMoonCalledVol02.epub
  • WarriorsJailbreak02.epub
  • WarriorsJailbreak03.epub
  • WarriorsJailbreak04.epub
  • VampirellaMastersSeries-Vol01.epub
  • VampirellaMastersSeries-Vol04.epub
  • VampirellaMastersSeries-Vol02.epub
  • WheelOfTime1point5.epub
  • WheelOfTime05.epub
  • WheelOfTime07.epub
  • WheelOfTime03.epub
  • WheelOfTime04.epub
  • WheelOfTime06.epub
  • WheelOfTime08.epub
  • WheelOfTime02.epub
  • WheelOfTime10.epub
  • WheelOfTime09.epub
  • WheelOfTime16.epub
  • WheelOfTime11.epub
  • WheelOfTime14.epub
  • WheelOfTime12.epub
  • WheelOfTime13.epub
  • WheelOfTime15.epub
  • WheelOfTime17.epub
  • WheelOfTime18.epub
  • WheelOfTime19.epub
  • WheelOfTime20.epub
  • WheelOfTime21.epub
  • WheelOfTime22.epub
  • WheelOfTime23.epub
  • WheelOfTime24.epub
  • WheelOfTime25.epub
  • WheelOfTime26.epub
  • WheelOfTime27.epub
  • WheelOfTime28.epub
  • WheelOfTime29.epub
  • WheelOfTime30.epub
  • WheelOfTime31.epub
  • WheelOfTime32.epub
  • WheelOfTime33.epub
  • WheelOfTime34.epub
  • WheelOfTime35.epub
  • WildCardsTheHardCall.epub
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Ash and the Army of Darkness by Steve Niles, Dennis Calero, Nacho Tenorio

Image2I decided to pay a dollar and get the first tier off of the Humble Bundle Army of Darkness sale; because I wasn’t really sure if I’d like Army of Darkness comics or not.  After reading this I’m still not sure about it.  The art and the story in this are both firmly, okay.  I felt a bit meh about the whole book.  The biggest problem I think is that nothing really happens in the first five issues  that couldn’t have been condensed down into one comic.  That’s a lot of dull comic to trudge through till you get to something that resembles a plot.


Ash basically sums up the plot of this graphic novel in second narration box on this page:


He attempts to pick up every woman he comes across,Image3with varying results,


and changes his arm out at every opportunity .


Image7I don’t know if I’ll have time to read another volume before the bundle comes down tomorrow afternoon but based on reading this one I’m not interested in upgrading my bundle to get the rest of the volumes.

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Damsels #1-4

Damsels_1coverSo I started reading Damsels tonight instead of working on my NaNoWriMo entry…  I am a naughty girl like that.

Ok, so what I’ve got out of the first four issues is that basically these three witches have somehow taken the place of three fairytale princesses, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty from Beauty and the Beast, respectively.  What the three witches are ultimately up to isn’t exactly clear but the little mermaid seems to know something and is out to foil their plans.  She enlists the help of an amnesic girl called Rapa [I think that’s a cute name.] who Is supposed to be the real Rapunzel.

I enjoy fairy tales and their retellings so story wise this is right up my alley.  I’m finding the story to be good fun and interesting enough.  It’s hard to say how original the story is at this point but it’s told in a way that keep me reading straight through.

I think the art is really pretty, and I like the character designs, especially how some of the character’s hair is drawn.

There was one blight on this goodness though, and it’s a nitpick that might not bother you, but it did me.  That is what I consider to be an exceptionally poor choice in huge yellow lettering that seems to be used throughout all the issues I read.  It bugs me for a few reasons.  One, yellow lettering is hard for me to read.  Two, yellow lettering looks good against blue/green/violet but most of what it was used on was gold/brown so it just blends right in.  Three, to compensate for the blending they used a large font and it takes up and crowds the lovely artwork.  I think it’s poorly done.  Another note about this lettering is a general lack of consistency on where they stuck it,  It’s kind of all over the place in some parts and there is no consistency in alignment of the text.  I think it makes a otherwise professional book look somewhat amateurish.  Here’s one page from issue #2 that has that lettering on it:


Do you think it looks good? Yay or Nay?

I like the portrait of The Twelve Dancing Princesses in the middle of this page from issue #3.  It made me want to know their stories.

Damsels_3And there is a tad of humor in there too like this part from issue #4 where Rapa can’t quite make herself kiss the frogman:


More on this series soon.

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Groupees Dynamite: Woman of Dynamite #1 Bundle

I decided to go ahead and get the Groupees Dynamite: Woman of Dynamite #1 Bundle, for $10 that’s running right now.  These bundles are a great deal even if you only end up liking part of the comics.  The deals still good for I think 7 days and includes:

The Complete Alice In Wonderland
Damnation of Charlie Wormwood #1
Damnation of Charlie Wormwood #2
Damnation of Charlie Wormwood #3
Damnation of Charlie Wormwood #4
Damnation of Charlie Wormwood #5
Damsels Giant Killer
The Essential Painkiller Jane
Lady Zorro #1
Lady Zorro #2
Lady Zorro #3
Lady Zorro #4
Red Sonja #7
Red Sonja #8
Red Sonja #9
Red Sonja #10
Red Sonja #11
Red Sonja #12
Swords of Sorrow #3
Swords Of Sorrow: Vampirella / Jennifer Blood #3
Mystery Exclusive Groupees Comic
Swords Of Sorrow: Dejah Thoris Irene Adler #3
Swords Of Sorrow: Pantha / Jane Porter
Swords Of Sorrow Miss Fury & Lady Rawhide
The Heart of the Beast – 20th Anniversary Edition
The Art of Ramona Fradon
Damsels #1
Damsels #2
Damsels #3
Damsels #4
Damsels #5
Damsels #6
Damsels #7
Damsels #8
Damsels #9
Damsels #10
Damsels #11
Damsels #12
Damsels #13
Legends of Red Sonja Collection
Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson: Moon Called Vol 1
Miss Fury – Volume 1
Vampirella (Vol 2) #1
Vampirella (Vol 2) #2
Vampirella (Vol 2) #3
Vampirella (Vol 2) #4
Vampirella (Vol 2) #5
Vampirella (Vol 2) #6
Swords Of Sorrow Red Sonja & Jungle Girl #1
Swords Of Sorrow Red Sonja & Jungle Girl #2
Swords Of Sorrow Red Sonja & Jungle Girl #3
Hack Slash / Eva: Monster’s Ball #1
Hack Slash / Eva: Monster’s Ball #2
Hack Slash / Eva: Monster’s Ball #3
Hack Slash / Eva: Monster’s Ball #4
Red Sonja: Vulture’s Circle #1
Red Sonja: Vulture’s Circle #2
Red Sonja: Vulture’s Circle #3
Red Sonja: Vulture’s Circle #4
Red Sonja: Vulture’s Circle #5
Jennifer Blood: Born Again #1
Jennifer Blood: Born Again #2
Jennifer Blood: Born Again #3
Jennifer Blood: Born Again #4
Jennifer Blood: Born Again #5
Classic Red Sonja #1
Classic Red Sonja #2
Classic Red Sonja #3
Classic Red Sonja #4
$1 Limited Edition Red Sonja Coin