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Gothic Tales of Haunted Love Edited by S.M. Beiko and Hope Nicholson


Gothic Tales of Haunted Love is a new anthology that attempts to merge the style of old 1970s gothic romance comics, with more modern sensibilities.  These stories feature people of color or LGBTQIA individuals in them.  It was a crowd-sourced book and you can check out the KICKSTARTER page for some more art samples.

I actually liked every story in this anthology but the three that stood out for me were:

  • One More Cup by Barbara Guttman – The story of a woman who shares a cup of tea and conversation with a monster every night at her window.  I found the tone of this story both whimsical and darkly romantic.
  • Ouroboros by Svetla Nikolova & LAB – A story of love, loss, sacrifice, and rebirth.  The art on this story was wispy and romantic.
  • The Promsie by Sanho Kim – A Korean styled ghost story.  This seems to be a reprint of Charlton Comics All New Ghostly Tales from the Haunted House #101.

The best thing about the collection is probably the selection of art styles.  These stories are all short and it’s refreshing to see that although some of them are simplistic they are satisfying.  I came to think of it like bedtime stories for adults.

I think quite a few of the stories in this collection fall short of the genre they were shooting for and are more just horror or weird tales.  This didn’t keep me from enjoying them a bit.  I totally recommend this collection to those who have an interest in this style.

I found this book on Netgalley under the Read Now section and received no compensation from the publisher for this review outside of the pleasure of being able to read the book for free.  #GothicTalesOfHauntedLove #NetGalley