Free Comic Book Day 2018

 18-05-05-16-10-29-729_deco.jpgSo Free Comic Book Day has come and gone and I have finally gotten around to making a little post about it.   If you read my blog you know that I had to have surgery on the Thursday before and wasn’t even sure if I’d be able to go.  There have been quite a few years I haven’t and it always annoyed me so I decided I wasn’t going to be thwarted this year.

I was feeling alright when I started out, I mean I felt ok, not great but ok.  However we hit just about every pothole in town on the way there and I’ll admit I was feeling a bit regretful of my decision by the time we got there.  For more LOLs they had moved the area from the upstairs to down in the basement this year, which meant navigating the staircase of doom to get down to where the action was.

It was fairly busy and there were a lot of kids there running around.  They were doing 10 free items for everybody, 20 for those wearing superhero t-shirts, and 30 for anyone in full costume.  Superhero T-Shirt; Check; 20 items for me; out of a selection of FCBD comics, back issues, and promotional items the store saves up from the year.  They had plenty of stuff to give away but most of the gold and silver tier books were gone by the time I arrived.  There were so many little kids there and they were starting to get low on the all ages comics too so I didn’t take anything from that table even though I really wanted that DC Superhero Girls comic and the Little Mermaid one.  Here’s what I ended up with:

  1. FCBD Avengers
  2. FCBD Riverdale
  3. DC Nation #0
  4. Marvel Rising #0
  5. FCBD Lady Mechanika
  6. FCBD Doctor Who
  7. FCBD Tank Girl
  8. Challengers of the Unknown #1
  9. Hawkeye and Mockingbird #1
  10. Showcase 94 Huntress #5
  11. Showcase 94 Arkham #4
  12. Showcase 94 Arkham #3
  13. Showcase 93 Huntress #10
  14. Vigilante #21
  15. New Titans #94
  16. New Titans #95
  17. New Titans #96
  18. Team Titans Annual #1
  19. Superman #18
  20. Marvel Universe Magazine

Afterwards I went home and took a really long nap.  How did you guys make out, anything cool?  [Oh, and that top image is just me playing around with photo apps and transforming myself into 2D.]



Happy Free Comic Book Day 2017!


Hi, guys!  I know I’ve been terrible about posting anything to my blog lately.  Maybe that will change over the summer holiday at least!  For the first time in several years I was able to actually go out and get free comics today.  My store had some overstock comics and leftovers from Halloween Comic Fest as well as this years FCBD books to choose from.  These are what I picked.  Did you get to go out?  What did you get?