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Action Comics #855-857- Escape from Bizarro World


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Story […very briefly.]

Remember that time that Bizarro kidnapped Jonathan Kent and took him off to this square planet where he got this funky power from it’s blue son that let him spawn Bizarro versions of people he knew back on earth… from his eyes?  Nope?  Me either but this little jem was written by Geoff Johns & Richard Donner.

Art [Just IMHO.]

Eric Powell did the art for these issues and to make it triple Bizarro the cover art and inks are also done by Eric Powell.  It’s quite fun, really.

Other Notes [???]

This story was… almost cute?  It’s a short fun read for when your stuck waiting somewhere.

Out of Context Panel [For Fun.]

Hmmm… this image kind of sums up my feelings whenever one of my older relatives starts ranting about politics in a public space.



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Bizarro by Heath Corson

BizarroBizarro by Heath Corson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bizarro is an all ages comedy gag comic. The idea behind this is a joke between Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen that Jimmy should go on a road trip with Bizarro to Bizarro America {aka Canada}; take pictures and get a bestselling coffee table book out of it. So, off they go…

I actually found this to be pretty funny even though I will admit some of the puns are so bad they make you groan. In fact that makes parts of it even funnier. This would be a great gift book for younger fans because it really is a stand alone volume, and no need to have a deep understanding of the DCU to enjoy it.

The art is caricature style and is very suitable for the story.

This is how it starts out…


Bizzaro is not trying to pick a station…  ah, geez and the chupacabra — hahaha!


Man, the hotel only has one room is one of the oldest tropes in the book but it still ends up being hilarious sometimes.


I laughed and laughed about this even though it’s only one panel.  I think it’s just the contrasting art styles and the frowny face Batman has.



They also stop in a ghost town.


I received an advance reader’s review copy of this book through NetGalley’s read and review program.

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