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To Read or Not to Read DC Universe


At 10pm I sat down at my computer and thought to myself.  I’ll write a blog post!  Yeah! What will I write about?  Boo!  So, I wandered off to DC Universe to sample comics… I say sample because that’s all I seem to do lately.  Ever heard the expression, I think I’ve reached the end of the internet?  Sometimes I feel like I’ve reached the end of the longbox.  I just can’t seem to find anything that will hold my interest.  I don’t think it’s the comics though, I think it’s just me.   So for the last 4 hours I’ve read sporadic comic and stared blankly at my computer screen.  Oh, and I ate a slice of leftover meat lovers pizza, (that might have been the highlight of my Friday Night).

Part of my mood probably is from having read Batman #55, and even though I knew where this story was going from the solicits; the end of the issue was upsetting.  Why oh why did it have to be Nightwing? ;-/

Anyway I read too issues from the Marvel Unlimited App.  One was Tales of Suspense Hawkeye and the Winter Soldier #102.  It’s the third part of a story about them looking for Black Widow.  So far I’ve like the story and the art in it.  The other thing was X-Men Gold #23 where Kitty Pryde and the rest of the X-Men get thrown in jail.  I’ve been keeping up with that title and am liking it.

On DC Universe I’ve checked out a few books and I was going to read a Beast Boy mini series that was on there but I kept getting kicked out of the app at the same page in the comic so don’t know what was going on with that?  Other books were working fine.   Despite my reservations about DC Universe I’ve been on there a lot since I got it goofing around, just hope they can make some improvements to it.

Well, it’s going on 3 am now and I should really try to lay down and sleep some,  I’m going to be paying for this late night tomorrow when I have to get up and do things.  Have a good weekend comic friends.



I've been reading and collecting comics since the early 1980's. My absolute favorite comic characters are Dick Grayson, and Kitty Pryde, but I like lots of others too! I started collecting single issue comics when I was about 7 or 8 years old and it's been a lifelong passion of mine.

2 thoughts on “To Read or Not to Read DC Universe

  1. You’d gotten me curious enough, I decided to try the “7-day ‘free’ trial” on my Roku TV.

    I have every intention of cancelling within my 7 days…I’m finding this to be horrendous. At least with the interface on the RokuTV (I have not attempted from a computer, phone, or tablet) it ONLY gives me some general #1 issues and a bunch of Batman-related stuff, maximum of 12 issues.

    I might binge Batman Eternal, but as that was a 50ish-issue weekly a few years ago, having “only” the first 12 issues is a no-go for me.

    Batman: Year One is there as comics, but the animated movie is not.

    At least as I can see, the DC Animated Films library is not even well-represented.

    And I couldn’t find one SUPERMAN comic on there. I mean…80 years’ worth of them…1,000 issues of Action Comics, over 700 of Superman, and countless specials and minis and events, and…nothing???

    I’d be interested in the Superboy seasons given time/inclination to binge, but those’ll surely wait (I have the 1st season on DVD to get me started sometime and see if after that I even feel like diving into seasons 2-4).

    As-is…I’ve tentatively set a goal of all 13 ‘Constantine’ episodes this week, and that feels like about the extent of what this thing offers for me right now.

    (I may allow myself some rethought/reinterpretation of stuff after some sleep, some episodes of Constantine, perhaps some boredom/further poking around, if I sound different in any review of my own that I might post later)…

    As always, glad to see your posts, and your thoughts on stuff!

    Hope you have an EXCELLENT week, and have had a good weekend!

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    1. The DC Universe App… needs a lot of tweeks. I’m in it for a year so we’ll see how it goes. I’ll tell you though I did notice that there were comics on my phone app that were not on my pc, and vice versa. I have no idea why. The roku seems to be the worst interface of all of them. I heard it was originally supposed to be on Amazon Fire Sticks? or something like that and the deal fell through at the last minute and they had to replace it with roku… so it could be that it was put together last minute… it certainly feels like it anyway.

      Other users have noted some comics have been added that completed some stories so I really hope that means that DC is taking note of how upset most of us were with the haphazard comic curation. I think someone told me that the comics are going to be about 2,500 available at any given time. There were definitely a few Superman on there I wonder if you can search for them on the Roku and have them show up or not. The app is Batman heavy at the moment but I think a lot of that will be cycled out because it was for Batman Day celebration.
      I really like the actor on Constantine. Too bad the network that aired it messed it up so bad by getting rid of the original female lead and then airing the episodes out of order. Did you know he’s going to be on Legends of Tomorrow next season?

      Have a great week, yourself! 🙂


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