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DC Universe is live.


Ok so I just got the app downloaded and installed and have been looking through it.  Ugh.  I am seriously disappointed.   There really just isn’t a lot in there.   I really, really hope they are planning to make regular expansions or switch the stuff out if that’s all they are going to offer at one time.  This probably isn’t like the most organized post I’ve ever made, but here are some points.

  1.  The selection of comics is way smaller than I thought it would be.
  2.  At the top of the comic list page it says,” The full DC Comics digital library will be available for purchase in October.” — PURCHASE?  WTF?  That really annoyed me.  I’m pretty sure now that there will not be any sizable amount of readable comics available.
  3.  A lot of the comics available to read are just a few of the first issues.  I’m pretty sure all they want to do is sell you the rest of the storylines.  NOT COOL — and a lot of that stuff is probably free to read on Comixology already.
  4. I think I counted 23 movies.  Mostly animated.  Live action are the 4 older Superman Movies.
  5. 9 TV Series.  Mostly really old ones.
  6. 12 animated series.

That new content can’t come quick enough if they plan of keeping this afloat and they really need to add more diverse catalog of available comics with consecutive runs available to read.  Frankly if I hadn’t paid for a year’s sub I would just sign up for a month after the new shows air and just binge watch them.  I don’t think it’s enough content for the price.  What do you guys think?

Update: Ok, after going out of the app and going back into it to read something else.  I’m seeing a lot more comics than I was originally seeing.  That’s good, I guess maybe that means that they are sill adding stuff to the app or maybe it’s got a few bugs to work out.  I’m seeing some older titles that I’ve never read, I feel a bit better about it now.  Because at first I was only seeing like maybe 100 comics total and I was upset.


I've been reading and collecting comics since the early 1980's. My absolute favorite comic characters are Dick Grayson, and Kitty Pryde, but I like lots of others too! I started collecting single issue comics when I was about 7 or 8 years old and it's been a lifelong passion of mine.

4 thoughts on “DC Universe is live.

  1. Sounds about like I “expected” based on stuff I was hearing. 😦

    I do figure that I’ll be waiting until new shows drop, and do maybe a month at a time when I’m going to be able/willing to binge-watch.

    To my knowledge (unless I’ve misplaced discs) I’ve got the complete Batman, Superman, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and Batman Beyond animated series; pretty sure I’ve got all of the Batman animated movies (Mask of the Phantasm, Mystery of the Batwoman, the Mr. Freeze one, and Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker). I’ve got the 4 old Superman films, the various Batman films, the “modern” DCEU films, and to best of my knowledge, all of the DC Animated Universe films (Superman: Doomsday through to The Death of Superman, as well as a couple of the CW-universe animated things). For that matter, I own the CW shows on DVD (releases prior to the 2017-into-2018 seasons).

    So short OF a bunch of the comics…I’m pretty well set as-is. Much as I’m down on Marvel, I feel like one thing THEY really got right IS their Unlimited thing. DC doesn’t have enough movie/tv content of interest to me; if Marvel Unlimited was still compatible with my tablet I’d still be subscribed to them–and happily so–at the month by month rate (even though that’s way more expensive than paying for a whole year at once).

    How’s the DC interface for reading the comics, at least?

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    1. The interface for reading comics seems fine. It’s got the page and panel view options and it looks like you can set some options to have it automatically scroll through the comic at even intervals I guess that’s for the TV comic viewing. I tried it out on my Roku and it seems to work ok but again, it has much less visible titles than is now showing in the app.

      I honestly have a lot of the DC stuff on DVD already but I don’t have a complete collection. I was really hoping that the Batman 1960’s live action was going to be on there. That’s one of the things I don’t have and would love to rewatch with my son.
      Let’s see as far as comics go, I really was hoping for silver and bronze age books, and mini series from whenever. Would love to see some Vertigo selections since I never buy those. Of the things that are on there I might read:
      Aquaman [1994], they must be trying to drum up interest in the character for the movie because they have a 75 issue run of that.
      Arkham Asylum Living Hell -5 books
      Arkham Reborn -3 books
      Arrow -12 books
      Arrow Season 2.5 – 12 books
      Atlantis Chronicles – 7 books
      Batman and the Outsiders [1983] 32 books
      Batwing [2011] 33 books
      Birds of Prey [1998] 40 books
      Checkmate [2006] 31 books
      Green Lantern [1960} 76 books
      Hawk & Dove [1998] 24 books
      Impulse [1995] 36 books
      Suicide Squad [1987] 25 books

      There are a lot of 6 issue or less titles on there. I’ll have to take a better look at some of those and see if they are mini series or not. Looks like most of the New 52 and Rebirth stuff on there is just a first issue or storyline.

      Honestly what I listed above isn’t too bad…that’s a decent amount of reading content for me but I wonder how often they will change it out? I probably wouldn’t be able to finish reading that in a month or two at my current rate.

      My other big question is since they are planning on selling comics does that mean it will integrate with the Comixology and DC comics app? I have a lot of digital books already.

      I agree about the Marvel Unlimited App. It’s great. This DC app seems to function fine at the moment but the big question is will they bring enough content to it to make in vivable.

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  2. For me, having ALL major Batman titles/minis from Crisis on Infinite Earths to Flashpoint, Same for Superman titles, plus the various Justice League and JLA stuff, Flash (Wally) run 1-200+, Wonder Woman from Perez #1-WW stuff into Flashpoint, etc are key things. And that Peter David Aquaman run would be fantastic to read!

    I’d want to be able to truly “binge read” series/runs…not just “a graphic novel” or “a sample chapter” from something.

    It’ll be interesting to see what they do (or don’t) end up adding, and what sort of large-scale/longterm feedback they get…if stuff will be “rolled out” or “developed,” and all that.

    Marvel Unlimited had been around several years before I tried it. For the moment I’m glad to let others try this DC stuff before I take the plunge myself.

    And at this late/early hour (wee hours) I fear I’m entering “broken record and incoherency,” so I’ll wrap up my typing for the moment.

    Thank you for what you’ve shared…cool to see your main post, and definitely appreciate the quick/timely response to my first comment. 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I think the sticking point for comic fans is going to be the lack of large runs of comics available to read. Especially anyone who is familiar with the Marvel Unlimited App and how many comics you can read on it. We’ll see I guess. One can only hope that it they get enough negative feedback about it they will change it up.

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