Damage #3


So, It’s been a few weeks since I sat down and wrote anything.  So much for those new year’s resolutions! -_-  The New Age of Heroes went on without my input though and we are now up to issue three of Damage.  Really there isn’t much to report on this title.   Story advancement is going at a snail’s pace.  Mostly because the bulk of each issue is being eaten up with gratuitous fight scenes.  This issue he fights Wonder Woman, and next issue it will probably be the Justice League.  I’m losing interest in this story pretty fast because it just doesn’t give enough to really engage me.  I’m beginning to wonder if there will even be enough material in the first collected volume to make a whole story.  What are your thoughts about it?


2 thoughts on “Damage #3

  1. Re-reading ’90s comics (or ’80s, ’70s, etc) I feel like I see all the MORE how modern comics “cheat” on the pagecount with so many double-page splashes and very little dialogue/captioning on such. I was REALLY annoyed tonight when I started reading recent GI Joe issues that I’ve built up and flipped page after page with no captions, no dialogue, and realized great–a random “silent” issue that can be summed up as “ninja girl kills lots of opposing ninjas.”

    Tangential rant aside…

    I ended up NOT getting #2+ on Damage and Silencer; I’ve picked up the #2s for Terrifics and Sideways, and offhand it’s mainly the Challengers title I’m now curious about.

    And based on your post here for Damage #3…I don’t think I’m missing out on anything!

    Glad to see you back to posting! 🙂

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    • Story light issues have become pretty common. I miss the longer comics of my youth. I haven’t read any recent GI Joe. The last ones I read were when I had a subscription to Scribd and they had some up on there. One of the many comic titles I always tell myself I’ll pick up when I have more money but it never happens. I wish that Silencer had the artist from Damage. I’m a little interested in the Silencer character but not the art. Damage is a disappointment story wise so far. I was intrigued by the first issue of Terrifics but haven’t gotten to read Sideways yet. 🙂

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