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Titans Hunt by Dan Abnett

Titans HuntTitans Hunt by Dan Abnett

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Titans Hunt wrapped up last week with issue eight and addresses [sort of] the status of The New 52’s original Titan’s team. This story spun out of the Convergence storyline and if the solicits can be trusted appears to be the direct lead into the Titan’s Rebirth #1 that goes on sale 6/15/2016.

There have been numerous members of the Titans over the years but the line up we are given here is: Dick Grayson, Donna Troy, Garth, Lilith, Roy Harper, Hawk, Dove, Herald, Bumble Bee, Cave Boy, and mentioned is The Forgotten Titan [Who is possibly the pre-52 Wally West.] I’ll be honest I don’t remember Herald and Caveboy but I guess they were a thing at some point.

Basicly this story starts out with Lilith appearing to the other Titans as a waking dream and giving them cryptic messages to remember and find each other. They do and then they have to face a very old Titan’s villain.

I thought the story was pretty solid and it was fun. I might not be too objective though, the Titans are favorites of mine and I was really just happy to see a story featuring these characters again. Oh, and I really enjoyed the art too.


The graphic novel for Titans Hunt comes out September 20, 2016, and is up for preorder on Amazon right now.  And here are a couple of pages where the Titans fight each other…  Garth and Donna duking it out while Grayson mostly tries not to become collateral damage.


And here are Lilith, Hawk and Dove making holes in walls.


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I've been reading and collecting comics since the early 1980's. My absolute favorite comic characters are Dick Grayson, and Kitty Pryde, but I like lots of others too! I started collecting single issue comics when I was about 7 or 8 years old and it's been a lifelong passion of mine.

5 thoughts on “Titans Hunt by Dan Abnett

  1. Cave Boy was mostlyjust called Gnark (or however that’s spelled) after he was unfrozen from a glacier (I think; it’s been decades since I read it) back in the early days of the Teen Titans book. He and Lilith dated. Herald is Mal Duncan who was a peripheral Teen Titan at some point, then got the horn of Gabriel which made him a hero when the title got briefly revived. Mal and Bumblebee were a couple and at one point, Mal was in a rock group Roy founded called The Purple Frog, if my memory can be trusted. I’m really glad they brought these characters back for Titans Hunt, especially Mal and Lilith and made them more interesting than they were back then. But the original Teen Titans were Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, and Aquaboy, with Speedy just a guest star. Lilith joined a bit into the original run. Hawk and Dove came in a bit later in the original book, too, and I was never thrilled with them in the group. But I did love Titans Hunt and Titans: Rebirth.

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    1. Those stories may be a bit older than me or it could be it’s just been so long since I last read them that I don’t remember. I wish I still had all my old titans comics to reread but when I was a little kid it was pretty common to trade issues with friends or trade them in 2 for 1 at the local comic shop… but the issues I remember best were at the point Dick made his transformation into Nightwing and later stories. I really hope the new Titans books are good and get nice long runs. 🙂


      1. When I was growing up, my friends and I read Archies, romance comics, and Classics Illustrated, but we didn’t trade. We didn’t have a local comic shop, either. I bought my comics at a neighborhood drugstore. When I started reading superhero comics, my friends didn’t want to be seen with me because only boys were supposed to read those. And being a collector — I get that from my parents — I still have my Teen Titans comics. The Teen Titans started in a Brave and Bold issue, then got their own book in the second half of the ’60s. Unfortunately, either I didn’t buy every issue, or I didn’t keep every issue, only the ones I really liked, so I don’t have what the DC database lists for Gnarrk’s first issue, #32 (1971). What I do have is a story from a much earlier issue (#2, 1966) about a Cro-Magnon teen (with long blond hair!) who was unfrozen from a block of ice and called Garn. He ended up being taken in by some townspeople. I don’t know if I ever read Gnarrk’s first appearance, but now I’m really curious. Mal Duncan came into the book in #26 (1970). I don’t know how often Teen Titans was published, given that it started in 1966 and they didn’t reach issue 26 until 1970. That isn’t monthly; more like bi-monthly. Now I’m curious as to how Gnarrk came to join the team, given the original version of a “cave boy” was Garn.

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      2. 🙂 I called it a comic store but it wasn’t a dedicated comic shop; just the locally owned bookstore that had carried comics among other things. I kept most of my comics that I bought new, most of the books I traded had been gotten second hand to begin with. I actually got a few Titans books the other day in a bulk lot I purchased. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and read them yet. My collection is kind of in disarray from having to store it at another place right now. I’ve just put purchased books into boxes without sorting them out to the titles they belong with. I’ve been looking into some collection software to catalog all of it… then maybe I can sit down and work on grabbing back issues when I’ve got the money.


      3. We didn’t have a local bookstore, either. I bought my books in the book section of a local department store. When I started college and discovered actual bookstores and comics shops, I figured I’d found heaven. 🙂

        I’ve been slowly going through the comics I still have — I sold off 2/3 of my collection about 20 years ago — and am replacing as much as I can with trade pbs to save room. I used to reread my Teen Titans/Titans/Roy Harper (a wide variety of titles) comics every couple of years but it’s been ages since I looked at them. I’m starting to feel the urge again with the new Titans book.

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