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Manga Classics: The Scarlet Letter by Stacy King, SunNeko Lee, Crystal S. Chan, W.T. Francis, Nathaniel Hawthorne

Manga Classics: The Scarlet LetterManga Classics: The Scarlet Letter by Stacy King

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A very condensed but nicely illustrated version of the classic book The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

I read the original work many years ago as inforced reading assignment in school. I can’t say the subject matter is all that enjoyable; but it is thought provoking and discussion worthy. Basically it’s about a woman named Hester who is married to an older man she doesn’t love and has an affair with another man and gives birth to his child. Everyone knows that she cheated on her husband and this is back in the time of the Puritans [Colonial America] , so it kind of goes over like a ton of bricks. The book takes it’s name from her punishment, the wearing of a scarlet letter A on her chest to remind everyone that she is an adultress.

A good introduction to the story for younger readers or for those who might be struggling with the original work.

This is Hester being made to stand in front of the community to show her shame near the beginning of the story.


Hester and her daughter some years later.  I like the impishness of the way Pearl is drawn.


I received a free digital copy of this book through NetGalley’s read and review program.

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3 thoughts on “Manga Classics: The Scarlet Letter by Stacy King, SunNeko Lee, Crystal S. Chan, W.T. Francis, Nathaniel Hawthorne

  1. Ooh! I read this novel last year and I loved the art style of it. Unfortunately, I feel like it was not a one sitting reading. By 2/3 of the novel, I felt very weighed down and wanted to take a break. Haha. Too bad I was reading in the bookstore (shame I know), so I couldn’t take a break.

    I didn’t read the original novel though. The story was pretty interesting, and did make me want to read the original one day. The child at times kinda gave me the creeps. Just by her expressions. There was one scene where she cries for her Mama, when she is left on the other side of the river or something. I never really understood that scene.

    I must admit it has been a while since I read this, so I’m not even sure if that scene is a thing in the novel. But if it is, would you mind explaining why that happened? Her child said she couldn’t recognize her mother or something.

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    1. Goodness it’s been ages since I read the original novel in school so I really don’t remember. I think however in this manga version it’s sort of alluding to when her mother and father are together there talking about going away together and the daughter sees her “sin” sort of, or that she sees her not as her mother but as a woman. She’s never seen her mother acting that way with a man before and it scares her.

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      1. Ooh okay. That makes more sense now. Thanks 😀 I think once my tbr list dies down I shall read the novel. The premise always interested me. Then again, my motivation stems from watching Easy A.

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