Black Canary Vol. 1: Kicking and Screaming by Brenden Fletcher, Annie Wu

Black Canary, Vol. 1: Kicking and ScreamingBlack Canary, Vol. 1: Kicking and Screaming by Brenden Fletcher

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This graphic novel collects BLACK CANARY #1-7. Well, I didn’t like the Black Canary reboot. Not the art and not the story. This ended up being a real chore to read, I kept putting it down from boredom. I did see a good many four and five star reviews, so somebody out there is into it, but god knows I can’t figure out why.

For some reason Dinah Lance has become the front woman for a band called Black Canary. She has replaced the original front woman called Bo Maeve who is now stalking the band. The side characters are for the most part her band members, none of which is particularly interesting, and her [ex?] husband. The band is also being followed by some sort of shadow monsters.

Dinah’s origin isn’t really well explained but she is a highly trained fighter with ninja skills. They also seem to have taken away her metahuman status and she now apparently received her powers through some sort of experiment. I don’t want to ruin the stupidity of that explanation by giving anymore details as it would pretty much give away the underlying plot of this volume.

The not so funny or entertaining gag running through the book is how Black Canary keeps stepping on the toes of other bands who are now all out to get them.


Dinah starts a fight at every concert…


Dinah tells the group that she’s going to train them in self defence so they go to this gun range to practice.  Everyone is dressed in these hokey looking western outfits…


Dinah fights off legions of black ops so they can get to their gig on time.  ‘Cause this whole scenario is soooo plausible.  I mean where are the other cars on the road?  Buildings?  What kind of venue are they going to that nobody notices this going on?


I received an advanced reader copy of this book through NetGalley’s read and review program.

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9 thoughts on “Black Canary Vol. 1: Kicking and Screaming by Brenden Fletcher, Annie Wu

  1. I agree with you on this. When I first heard about it I was stoked! Brenden Fletcher, Annie WU!!!!!!!!! But the first issue disappointed and I only bought one more. Overall I found it to be dull, boring, and like it was just trying to hard.


    • I thought this one was a stinker, and I hated the first volume of Green Arrow too, although that title had gotten much better in the last issues I had read.

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      • I am interested in Rebirth but I’m behind on my DC reading too because I tend to binge read comics. I’m bad behind on Batman titles especially because of my disinterest in the Gordon storylines.

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      • I’m personally more of a Marvel fan. I’ve been reading Hitch’s JLA though and like that. I think the Tom King batman might be good, and Joshua Williomson’s Flash. The new Batgirl looks interesting as well.

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      • I was a bigger Marvel Fan when I was a kid but I really lost interest in most of what was going on there. I have the Marvel Unlimited App but I’ve struggled to get into much. I’ve like a few things here and there but a lot of the popular titles that get rec’d to me just don’t resignate on any level.

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      • Grayson, Flash, and Justice League have been consistently pretty good for me. Skip the first 3 volumes of Green Arrow if you were interested in that. I loved the volume of Shazam that came out. Avoid Teen Titans and Legion of Superheroes — Those were a hot mess. Oh, Aquaman was good but I’m behind on that too. Quite a few I haven’t gotten around to reading yet but have purchased already like Gotham Academy and Birds of Prey.

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