Comic Bento The Grey Area


Comic Bento came in the mail today.  It included four graphic novels under the theme The Grey Area.

Superior Iron Man: Infamous — ISBN# 978-0-7851-9249-7 — $19.99

RAI: Welcome to New Japan — ISBN# 9781939346414 — $9.99

Troublemaker — ISBN# 978-1-59582-488-2 — $17.99

Lola XOXO: The Journey Home — ISBN# 978-194151103-9 –14.99

Total Cover Price:  $62.96

Well, these are some books I know nothing about with the exception of Iron Man.  I’m racking my brains but can’t think of anything I’ve read from publishers Valiant or Aspen in recent memory.  RAI is a comic I’ve seen in comic shops before but I’ve never read an issue of it myself; so that should be interesting.  Lola is a comic that I’ve never seen or heard about, reading the blurb is sounds like a dystopia, so I’ll be trying that one.  Of course I’ve heard of Janet Evanovich and know she’s a best-selling author but I’ve never read any of her books; Troublemaker seems to be a sequel to another story so I’m hoping it can be read without the prior books.




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