Southern Fried Fangirl vs. NetGalley

I have this little program called ComiPo and I thought it might be fun to make little web comics for my blog.  Here’s my first attempt.



7 thoughts on “Southern Fried Fangirl vs. NetGalley

    • Haha, 😉 I exaggerate to be funny but it’s true that EVERY TIME I apply for more than one book at a time EVERYTHING I ask for gets approved and I’m scrambling to read them in the allotted time.

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      • Haha well it was definitely funny and got the point across. 666 was a very interesting number you came up with too. heh. Maybe the devil messed around with your requests to swamp you with never ending work!

        Lucky, I got scared off from netgalley. The thought of requesting a novel scares me.

        How much time do they usually give you per novel?

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      • You got the 666 reference exactly. 😉 Aside, most of the publisher’s request that you post reviews after the book is released and available for purchase. Not always though. I got myself in a fix around Christmas when I got one that I though was 11 short stories but ended up being a “boxed set”– They weren’t very good novels either; I thought I’d never make myself finish them. Right now I’m only requesting graphic novels so it shouldn’t be too much of a hardship to keep up to date.

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      • WOOT! Similar minds think alike? Haha. jk. It’s a pretty popular reference, I’ll be surprised if someone didn’t get it.

        Yeah. I love graphic novels because they’re easy and fast to read, while containing great plot and characters. Have you checked out Saga before?

        Is there a penalty for not finishing any of the requested novels?

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      • Penalty? Well, it will bring your read to review ration down I guess. I would think you would have a harder time getting approvals it you get a bad rep for not doing it. I’m a good girl and always do my reviews so I’m not 100% sure…

        So many people like Saga! Unfortunately I’m not one of them. 😦 {Sorry!} For me it was just too much crude stuff… that and excessive profanity usually turn me off a lot of times… Maybe I’m too much of a goody two shoes. I read lot of different types of comics but DC super heroes are my absolute favorites.

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      • Ooh! I haven’t read many comics, but i see a few pages on reddit from time to time.

        Yeah people are hyping Saga up for me. I’m so glad you don’t like it and you shared the reasons why. 😀 It helps. I’m not one for crude humor also. I don’t really understand it much… So it flies over my head.

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