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Batman: Detective Comics, Vol. 7: Anarky by Francis Manapul

Batman: Detective Comics, Vol. 7: AnarkyBatman: Detective Comics, Vol. 7: Anarky by Francis Manapul

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Four stories are collected in this volume.

DETECTIVE COMICS #35-36 is a two part story called Terminal. I like this story the best of those in this book. It takes place in the Gotham Airport Terminal as a terrorist unleashes a biological weapon and the whole place is put on lockdown. The art in this story is dark, grim, and depressing looking; it really lends itself well to the story being told and adds to the atmosphere. My favorite character Dick Grayson also has a part in this too, as he helps Batman from afar. It could have almost have taken place at any point in Batman history.

Batman was at the airport as Bruce Wayne when the plane hit the terminal so to speak…


It seems to be an established fact that Dick Grayson is extremely good looking.  I’m of the belief that he might actually be the most attractive superhero in the DCU.  Everyone remarks about it, even this guy:


DETECTIVE COMICS #37-40 reprints the main story called Anarky. It has phonalmal art attached to it and really dynamic layouts. The beginning of this story was very interesting and started out with Batman fighting the Mad Hatter, where he discovers the remains of a bunch of young children. Now what does the Mad Hatter have to do with Anarky you might be asking yourself, well I was anyway. That’s pretty much what this story is about. I thought this story was good but it did lack a little in the suspense department for me. Lonnie Machin aka Moneyspider is in this, as well as Harvey Bullock and his current partner.

Batman and Bullock getting beat up:


DETECTIVE COMICS: ENDGAME #1 — This is the weakest part of the collection. It features Lonnie Machin aka Moneyspider, the kid that was in the Anarky story and a bunch of cameo appearances by different Batman Family members. I’m not even sure what this is the endgame for. Except that a bunch of people have been infected with Joker gas and Lonnie is trying to get across the city to his mother. It’s an ok, but absolutely skippable story.

Batman family fighting together.  My question is why crotch shots of both of the ladies?  Sigh.


AND DETECTIVE COMICS: FUTURES END #1 — Another of these time skip forward stories with future Batman teaming up with the Riddler to go up against Calander Man. The end of this was sort of evil and I admit I laughed.

This sort of sums it up:


I received this graphic novel through NetGalley’s Read and Review Program.

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