Southern Cross, Volume 1 by Becky Cloonan, Andy Belanger

Southern Cross, Volume 1Southern Cross, Volume 1 by Becky Cloonan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed Southern Cross, Volume 1. It reprints issues #1-6 of the ongoing series. I saw in the blurb that they were calling it galactic horror and I think that’s a good way of describing it. It’s about a girl who’s going out to this place in space where her sister died to collect her remains and possessions. On the way there strange and ominous things happen on board the ship.

Why isn’t it a five star read for me? Well, I did find some of the story to be a tad too convenient but it didn’t ruin it for me. I also would have liked a little bit more world building, and by this I mean just a tad bit more explanation about the things in the world and how they work. Not a dissertation, just a word box here and there that would give a little additional info about the little things that make the world come alive.

I liked the art style a lot, it really seemed to mesh well with this story. The character designs and the clothing they wore were a good mash up of practical and futuristic. The space scenes are very bold and visually striking if a little weird…

Well, weird sums up most of the story but I enjoyed it anyway. If you enjoyed any of those trapped with an alien menace type movies like Alien consider giving this one a try.

Here are a few sample pages of the art.  This is the credits page, but for some reason I really like this — I think it’s the great use of angles that gives it movement.


One of those psychedelic space scenes.



And a flashback…  not sure how I feel about the color selections on this page.  If they were going for the vintage photo colorization it looks a few shades too orange to me.


I chose this book from NetGalley’s Read It Now selections in exchange for feedback and a review.

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